Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation

Most Trusted Medium Term Accommodation ( MTA ) In Sydney

Medium Term Accommodation ( MTA ) refers to a time-limited transitional support provided to individuals with disabilities while they await long-term housing solutions. It focuses on meeting the participant’s disability-related housing needs during this transition period.

The funding for medium term accommodation covers the accommodation component only and is provided alongside the participant’s informal supports and NDIS-funded supports. This includes services like assistive technology, assistance with daily life, and community access supports.

Medium-term accommodation Funding:

Medium-term accommodation is funded when there is confirmation of a long-term housing solution, such as a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) tenancy or pending home modifications. The NDIS generally funds mid term accommodation for participants who are transitioning from hospital, rehabilitation, aged care, or custodial settings, or when their current accommodation is unsustainable due to the impact of their disability.

However, it does not fund medium-term accommodation for participants on waiting lists for social or community housing, those requiring Short Term Accommodation (STA) or respite, or in response to crises or rapid changes in circumstances.

Conclusion :

The duration of funding for medium term accommodation ( MTA ) is typically up to 90 days, but it can be extended if there is evidence that the long-term housing solution will be available within a specified time-frame. Funding for medium term accommodation ( MTA ) should be clearly outlined in the participant’s statement of supports to ensure the necessary housing support is provided as described.

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