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Elderlies are often referred to as a homogenous group and are often identified as a large group of stereotypes. However, in reality, older adults are at least as diverse & versatile as everyone else. They hold a vast array of untapped interests, skills and experience; but it is because of their growing age and sense of isolation from their loved ones, that keep them unattached with the social world.
That’s why community participation and social interaction have become far more necessary parts of our life, especially for the elderlies. By taking part in social, cultural and spiritual activities, older adults can gain lost confidence, remain informed and establish or maintain supportive & caring relationships.

Accessing community and social activities also help the seniors gain the respect and esteem they deserve in the society. Besides, such activities emancipate elderlies from the distressing effects of isolation as well as providing the physical & mental health benefits.
That’s why at ZedCare, we believe in supporting you to connect and participate in your own community every day. Social participation and social support are strongly recommended for good health and well-being throughout life.

How ZedCare Helps in Community Participating:

At ZedCare, we work closely with you and your support provider to find-out community and social activities that you are most interested in doing. Moreover, we design community participation programs that support you to reach your desired health-goals as early as possible. Our priority is to ensure every activity aligns with your interests and is suitable for your current social and communication skills. These activities take place in the community and may be: within a group one-to-one with an Able Australia support worker.

Explore A Wide Range of Accessible Opportunities with ZedCare:

Our experienced staff are highly skilled in working with a diverse range of disabilities, including those with complex needs and are able to work with you and your loved ones to ensure all outings and activities meet your goals and needs.

The ability to participate in such social groups is dependent on the variety of activities available, discovering information about them, as well as access to the correct facilities and transport to attend. For more query do feel free to contact us or call our representative at 1300 933 013

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Copyright 2023 by ZedCare. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by ZedCare. All rights reserved.