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ZedCare Ability is widely popular for offering ‘housing and tenancy services to the NDIS participants who needs personalised supports in an accommodation. Our experts help you find the most suitable, comfortable and stable living environment and look to mitigate any housing and tenancy related queries that might occur to the participants.

housing and tenancy services

Why Choose ZedCare for Housing and Tenancy Services?

Choosing ZedCare Ability services for NDIS Housing and Tenancy Services means you get a commitment to excellence and genuine care and support altogether. We stand out of the crowd with our personalised support that caters to the needs of individual, ensuring that each client receives tailored assistance to secure and maintain suitable housing.

Our team of dedicated professionals have years of extensive expertise in addressing the complexities of tenancy and housing arrangements. That’s why we can guarantee reliability and peace of mind for each participant and their families.

Commitment To A Greater Choice

At ZedCare, we understand the importance of choosing the right accommodation as it helps promote a sense of independence in the person. That’s why our team put a strong emphasis to make the entire process as easy as possible for the participants. We stand out as your trusted partner as we get you a home that not only meets your requirements but also enhances the quality of life and helps you achieve your desired goals.

How Our Housing & Tenancy Services Can Help

  • Finding A Suitable Property

Our experienced team will work with you closely to find a home that fully mitigates your needs and requirements. From better accessibility to suitable location, we will assess everything that complements your lifestyle.

  • Guidance In Rental Application

Our expert will help you through the entire rental application process and help you understand any related query that you might come by. We also help you in assembling all the necessary documents and effectively communicate with prospective landlord on your behalf.

  • Budget Support

We will also help you in budget planning and management and ensure your affordability. This may include rent calculations, utility of the potential home and other living expense management.

  • Property Assessment

Our team will carefully guide you to assess the suitability of each potential home. This means we will endeavour on your behalf to evaluate the living space, accessibility, and overall condition to ensure you get what you really require to meet your needs and preferences.

Contact Us Today With Your Query

Have a query on our housing and tenancy services? Feel free to contact us today and let our experts help you secure the best possible homes without any hassle.


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Copyright 2023 by ZedCare. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 by ZedCare. All rights reserved.

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